Ragged pillow


Just a quick post I have been mega busy but have finally finished a ragged pillow for my little sister for Christmas, I am pretty impressed with myself?

tshirt bag

tshirt bag

this is a bit of an experiment…

Going to do these in white and get my boys to decorate with red fabric paint for their two nans, so I can use for their hampers and will be able to use them after as well x

Hello world!

After being inspired by some of the clever netmummies I have decided to start this blog of craftiness. I have made a vow to put on a different tutorial of something that can be used for Christmas every week, this is so I get my butt in gear and actually save some money this Christmas. I am fed up of spending ridiculous money for impersonal presents for people that usually end up at the back of a cupboard/ wardrobe. I usually have good intentions then end up rushing around the week before Christmas getting frustrated at the people standing in my bloody way!! So you are going to my inspiration, lets watch this space….